Arkad Group Real Estate Corp. “Arkad” is a privately owned, vertically integrated group of real estate investment companies created to capitalize on the rising inventory of distressed properties held by private and public financial institutions. Arkad and its affiliated companies are New Jersey & New York based entities that specialize in the analysis, acquisition, renovation, management & disposition of residential and commercial real estate in specific micro-markets located throughout the NJ/NY metro area.


Our team has spent the last 8 years investing in a variety of distressed Residential “RES”, Commercial “COM” & Multi-family “MUL” assets including: Bank Owned “REO”, pre-foreclosure “Short Sales, Non-performing Notes “NPN” (both by units and bulk), Free & Clear Acquisitions and Auction House & County Sales; all with great deal of success. Above average returns, market making sales, and trend setting value-added improvements have all been accomplished by following disciplined acquisition metrics and superior investment knowledge & management. Arkad’s investment model targets assets ideal for redevelopment followed by resale exit or hold & lease strategies.


VALUE ADDED - The right improvements, for the right price.
Improvements based on: location & exit strategy*
Our average renovations package is: $32,374. (Lg)
Our average renovation takes 41 days.
GOAL: 35-50% increase in value within 60 days.

ARBRITARIAL - The right house, for the right price.
Discount metrics based on distressed levels & motivation from seller
Negotiations based on reliable & current market data & trends.
Additional leverage gain through in house capabilities.*

Properties are acquired in areas that show low to mid value fluctuations, stable DOM and low absorption rates (3-5 Months). We then add value with upgrades that will exceed our end consumer expectations. Our proprietary demographic models have allowed us to choose specific towns and micro-markets with the highest flip/hold potential. Arkad currently concentrates its efforts on 29 SPECIFIC towns (A, B and C towns) in New Jersey and a number of neighborhoods in New York where its business model works particularly well. Additionally, we implement proven liquidation strategies designed to engage and involve our end buyers such as offering fair pricing, customizable options, upgrades & concessions.

Arkad’s research & acquisitions teams have the ability to perform due diligence on an average of 25-35 potential acquisitions per week. Our rapid access to information and local resources, allows us to react to purchases quickly and effectively. Our ability to focus on specific regions, asset types and strategies, as well as act fast has been the key to our success.


Arkad has also demonstrated a competitive advantage in its disposition strategies by offering consumers value added real estate assets at competitive prices. At Arkad, we believe the product is just as important as the profit. Our properties often receive multiple offers or rental income that is above average.  We determine our “sweet spots” by paying attention to areas where large portions of qualified buyers are currently purchasing. We then seek out properties in those locations_.

Factors such as migration, commuting, development and job creation are closely observed all the while keeping in line with our purchasing guidelines. Specifically ROI, Cap Rate, DCR and CCR. This methodical and disciplined approach helps to minimize risk and secure earnings for the company and its investors. Our model allows for a 35%-50% decline in market values as a “cushion” for any given project before investment capital is at risk.

Our investment models, corporate structure and proprietary software platforms further enhance our capabilitiesand ability to create beautifully remodeled, mechanically upgraded, and environmentally friendly properties at below average costs.


Arkad's roots began with single-family residential assets and small multifamily properties consisting of 2 - 6 units and this is still at the core of our business model. But over the last two year we have begun making strides into other asset classes to diversify our portfolio and take advantage of opportunities in the larger rental unit arena as well as new development projects in areas with high demand and high rent rates like college areas and up and coming urban areas. Arkad Commercial Holdings, LLC is our MUL arm and its focus is on 9 specific cities around New Jersey.


We are successful because we place ourselves in front of opportunity at every turn. Key relationships with top tier REO brokers, wholesalers, attorneys, loan officers and asset managers keep the flow of leads constant and allow us to cherry pick the best properties. Trained interns pull NOD data from the townships on a weekly basis and forward to our headquarters so we can generate offers. Of course Sheriff auctions are also visited weekly where properties can be purchased on the spot. Through direct efforts we are able to make offer to distressed homeowners directly. In these situations we have developed win-win-win strategies for all parties involved. We encourage you to download our Acquisition Criteria Booklet.


Executive Summary

Arkad Group Real Estate Corp. Executive Summary, 2014
Snapshot of our companies and operations.
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